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May 2024
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What is the best area to stay in Venice, Italy
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What is the best area to stay in Venice, Italy

Everyone who’s planning a trip to our incredible city is wondering what is the best area to stay in Venice, and if you don’t know someone who has been here before, it’s hard to figure out which neighborhood will be perfect for you.

We are located in Cannaregio, a district really well-connected both to the train station and the rest of the city, thanks to the efficient public transportation service Venice has. In fact, you can reach all must-see attractions in no time, taking the vaporetto from the jetty next to the Guglie bridge, which is only a couple of minutes from our hotel.

However, there are a few things you should think of before booking your stay in Venice.

1. Consider how many days are you going to spend in Venice

You definitely want to take advantage of all the time you’ll have in Venice, so the first thing you need to focus on is how long your stay is going to be.

If you’re planning to spend 2 days in Venice, it would be necessary for you to move easily and fast across the city, especially if you’re not planning to take the vaporetto (water bus). So, we suggest spending a bit of time looking at your guide book and Venice map, to decide exactly what you absolutely want to see once here and plan accordingly.

2. Think about what kind of vacation you want

Do you prefer staying in a quiet area or in a busy one? Venice is small, but you can walk for hours if you don’t know the city very well, so maybe you would like to be able to rest back in your hotel, instead of having people talking outside till late. Some areas in Venice are famous for their traditional bacari (bars) and others, like the one where our hotel is, are known for being silent and off the beaten path.

If you don’t care about the noise, you should probably opt for a place like Rialto, where the nightlife is always bustling. On the other hand, if you prefer going to bed early to enjoy the day after exploring the city, the district of Cannaregio is definitely better, except for Fondamenta della Misericordia, where Venetians love to spend the night drinking wine or spritz.

3. Who are you traveling with?

If you’re coming to Venice with your partner, your family or your friends, the place you choose will matter a lot. Let’s give you an example. If you’re traveling to Venice with your kids, it will be nice for you and especially for them if you stay in a place close to a playground or at least a park. In Cannaregio there’s Parco Savorgnan, which is quiet and safe – and it’s only a few minutes on foot from our hotel – or in Santa Croce district there are Papadoli gardens where your kids can play. Moreover, not far from the Venice Biennale there’s another playground you can enjoy with your children. On the other hand, if you’re traveling with your partner and thinking about having a romantic (but not too long) walk, you’d probably prefer to choose a quieter and easy-to-reach place – so you can even wear a pair of heels for your dinner out.

However, there’s not one overall best area to stay in Venice, there’s only the perfect place for you according to your needs and preferences. What we can assure you is that if you’re staying with us we’ll do our best to make your stay unforgettable, and if you book in advance you’ll be able to take advantage of our special offers!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any advice, we’ll be more than happy to help you.