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Come and visit Venice and share with us this unique and different experience… follow two itineraries “Venice past and modern” and “Felix”.

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May 2023
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The Feast of the Redeemer
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The Feast of the Redeemer

The Feast of Redeemer is one of the most important festivals in Venice, which attracts both tourists and  people who live in Venice and on the mainland .

During the third Sunday of July Venetian people build a bridge to connect Venice island (Fondamenta delle Zattere) to the Paladian Basilica of the Redeemer in  Giudecca Island. Giudecca island is located right in front of Venice . The bridge is built to let the pilgrims cross the sea and reach the Basilica.

The Basilica was built in order to remember the end of the plague which took place in 1576. Consequently every year the bridge is built as a vow and  Venetian people remind to themselves the important event by celebrating th Feast of the Redeemer.

As  matter of fact on Saturday night a lot of decorated boates gather near Saint Mark’s Basin  waiting for the fireworks which take place around midnight. During that night Venetian people usually sing, dance and eat while waiting to enjoy the fireworks.


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