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4 cities near Venice that are worth visiting
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4 cities near Venice that are worth visiting

If you plan to spend more than a weekend in the city of love, you might want to know a least 4 cities near Venice that are worth visiting.

Venice has a well-connected train station called Santa Lucia, which is only 8 minutes walkfrom our hotel, so you may also want to consider the opportunity to take a day trip away from the historical center.

As you know, Italy is a small country, this is why you may even get as far as Florence or Milan on a day trip if you are willing to take a train early in the morning. But if you really want to use your time in the best possible way, we suggest visiting one of these nearby cities.


It’s not by chance that Shakespeare chose Verona as the city of Romeo & Juliet. The city is breathtaking and is worth visiting, especially considering that the train journey from Venice takes only an hour on average, with fast trains.

Verona is also very romantic. If you don’t mind staying out until late at night, you might want to consider having dinner there (just don’t forget to check the train timetables) feeling like the two Shakesperian lovers, in modern time.

Feel free to follow our online guide for a day-trip from Venice to Verona, to organize your visit.


Treviso is only half an hour from Venice by train, and it’s definitely one of the cities you should consider for a day-trip.

Unlike the other cities mentioned in this article, Treviso is still surrounded by its medieval walls. Like Venice, Treviso is crossed by canals and bridges, which give a fascinating touch to a city that is still proud of its history and culture.

First of all, you should see Piazza dei Signori, a wide city square that takes its name from the palaces of the former lords of Treviso, located on its sides.

Then we recommend taking a suggestive walk through the Pescherie, a small river island in the historic center of Treviso, that has this name because it still houses the fish market.

Would you like to see a something truly unique and fun in Treviso? Let’s find the Fontana delle Tette (Fountain of Tits). According to tradition, this unique fountain used to pour white and red wine during festivals and celebrations, when Treviso was under the jurisdiction of the Serenissima Republic.


Another small town close to Venice you can reach by train is Portogruaro. You have probably never heard of it before, since it’s not as famous as Verona or Treviso, but we assure that is worth it. Portogruaro is located on the border between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and in some ways it is reminiscent of Venice. In fact, many buildings are characterized by triforas (three-part window) and biforas (two-part window), typical of the Venetian architecture.

Portogruaro is also known for its leaning bell tower and the mills above the Lemene river, which are very interesting to see.


Who doesn’t know Padua? The city of universities par excellence! You can reach Padua in about 30 minutes from Venice by train, and a one-way ticket is really cheap (less than 5 euros per person).

Padua is a city you can’t see in just a day as it has many things to see, but if you like the idea of a day-trip from Venice, you should visit the Scrovegni Chapel, with its famous frescoes by Giotto, the Bo Palace (where the first woman in the world received her degree – her name was Elena Lucrezia Cornaro, and she was Venetian by the way) and the beautiful Prato della Valle square.

This beautiful Renaissance city has a lot more to offer, such as the Basilica of Saint Anthony, where the remains of the saint are preserved, the Piazza dei Signori (city square) where you can admire an enchanting ancient clock tower, the Botanical Gardens and much more.

If you need any help planning a day trip to one of these cities near Venice, we will be more than happy to give you some advice and find the best available train to get back to Venice in time for a typical Venetian dinner.