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How to celebrate the Redentore Festival in Venice like a local
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How to celebrate the Redentore Festival in Venice like a local

There are many festivals in Venice during the year, such as the Vogalonga Regatta for example, but none is as amazing as the Redentore.
The Redentore Festival in Venice is an appointment that no Venetian will ever miss, and you shouldn’t miss it either, especially for the spectacular fireworks display that takes place in St. Mark’s basin!
The origin of this event dates back to the 16th century, precisely to 1575, when a devastating plague epidemic affected Venice and killed thousands of people.

The Redentore church in Venice

As you may know, in the past it was common to build a church to thank God for his mercy The Redentore Church was commissioned by the Senate of the Serenissima Republic, to honor the vow Venetians had taken if the plague epidemic ended, they would build a magnificent church to thank God for his mercy.
The Redentore church was built by Andrea Palladio on Giudecca Island and, during the Redentore Festival, people can reach it easily, crossing a bridge made with boats for the occasion.
Many people still participate in the pilgrimage to the church every year, to remember a piece of Venice history no one wants to forget.

Live the Redentore Festival like a local

Joining the pilgrimage is just one of the things Venetians do during the Redentore Festival. In fact, to celebrate the Redentore Day, a fabulous firework display takes place the night before.
Venetians usually watch the display from their boats, which are all decorated with balloons, streamers, and lights.
Families and friends meet in St. Mark’s basin to have dinner on their boats and watch the fireworks together. It’s a moment of sharing, where people sing, eat and dance under the sky as their ancestors did. It’s a tradition Venetians can’t give up, to because it’s part of their history.

When is Redentore in Venice

The Redentore Festival in Venice always takes place on the third Sunday of July – one of the best times to visit Venice actually – but it starts on Saturday, in fact at 7 pm, when the votive bridge is open to the public.
If you would like to know where to watch the fireworks display, don’t hesitate to ask, we will be happy to tell you where to go, especially if you want to watch them after a romantic dinner in a special restaurant with a view.